When you look at the night sky, what objects do you notice? There are billions of objects to explore, although only a few thousand are visible to the human eye. There are also many methods used by astronomers to learn more about these objects. In other pages on this website, you can learn more about different types of objects in the night sky that can be studied with small telescopes, like Sonoma State University’s GORT. You can also learn some of the skills needed to do authentic astrophysics research using data from GORT and other ground-based telescopes, and you can compare your results to those obtained by NASA satellite missions.

Astronomy Themes


What do scientists want you to know about the universe we live in? Find out here as you explore 4 major themes of modern astronomy.

Astronomy Skills


Astronomers investigate objects in our universe located very far away. Learn how they obtain information about these objects by checking out the many tools they use!