Astronomy from Home (AfH) is part of NASA’s Neurodiversity Network. Materials on this website are based upon work supported by NASA to Sonoma State University, working in partnership with the Education Development Center (EDC), the New York Hall of Science (NYSci), and WestEd. The original version of this website was developed as part of the NASA’s Universe of Learning Program led by the Space Telescope Science Institute.

Our goal is with the activities on AfH is to advance Science, Technlogy, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) learning and literacy by using internet-controllable telescopes to engage learners in authentic research experiences. AfH is developed and maintained by scientists, engineers, and educators at Sonoma State University (SSU), in partnership with remote telescope networks around the world. The AfH provides opportunities for participants to learn astrophysics content and skills on their own timelines and in their own environments.

While the AfH partners with other remote telescopes and telescope networks such as the Las Cumbres Observatory, it also has its own 14-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain robotic telescope, nicknamed GORT (Gamma-ray Optical Robotic Telescope). GORT has been in operation since 2004. GORT can be remotely operated, and has a selection of filters that provide images in different visible wavelength bands.

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