Astronomy Skills

Learn more about how astronomers know what they know. What will you learn today? 


Image of a telescope

The brightness of a star can tell us many things about its age, size and lifespan. But how are these measurements actually taken? Click here to find out!


Diagram of Hubble and Gaia space observatories

Location, location, location. Understanding the position of objects in space over time helps us comprehend the dynamics of the universe. Come explore how we know where things are and how they’re moving!

Image Calibration

Have you ever tried to take a picture, but had some light leak into the shot, distorting the image? Well when imaging objects in space things like this happen all the time. Come see what it takes to correct these images so that we can make accurate observations of these distant objects!


RGB Image

Learn how astronomers use different wavelengths of light and overlapping colors to make a photo come to life.