Make & DIY

Build your own simple telescope


Assemble your own telescope with basic items and learn the fundamentals of how a telescope works.

Cookie Cutter Photometry


This activity illustrates the importance of image processing in making scientific observations of extremely bright but distant objects, such as stars!

Coloring the Universe with False-Color Images

RGB Image

Learn how astronomers use different wavelengths of light and overlapping colors to make a photo come to life.

Build your own research telescope: Project PANOPTES


Learn how to build a telescope that is capable of making valuable exoplanet observations.

Print and Assemble Your Own Star Chart


This star chart is a helpful tool that can tell you exactly what is above you in the night sky for any given month.

Pinhole Sun Viewer

Pinhole Sun Viewer

Safely view the Sun by making your very own Pinhole Sun Viewer!