Banner Creek Observatory,h_548,al_c,q_90,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/5ddb50_6bee6fb959c04dbcb78d8e28b57b48dd~mv2.webp

As the Banner Creek Observatory describes on their website,

“[The observatory] contains a fully automated and remote-controlled telescope—a 20-inch Ritchey-Chreiten built by Brad Erhorn at RC Optical Systems. The telescope is equipped with a digital CCD camera supplied by Santa Barbara Instrument Groups—model STXL-11002 with an 11 megapixel CCD chip. The camera is equipped with an internal filter wheel with either LRGB or UBV filters for research. The telescope, camera, and observatory dome are controlled and synchronized by Astronomers Control Panel (ACP) software, written and engineered by Bob Denny.”